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Coastal Geology

Training Manual - Coastal Geology (298 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Coastal Terminology and Geologic Environments
Chapter 3 - Coastal Classification and Morphology
Chapter 4 - Coastal Morphodynamics
Chapter 5 - Coastal Geological Investigations
Appendix A - References
Appendix B - Glossary
Appendix C - Acknowledgements
Appendix D - List of Wave Information Studies (WIS) Reports
Appendix E - List of Selected Sources for Aerial Photography and Other Remote Sensing Data
Appendix F - Addresses of Government Agencies Producing Maps
Appendix G - Geographic List of Coastal Engineering Research Center (CERC) Coastal Geologic and Monitoring Reports
Appendix H - Field Reconnaissance for Costal Change Study, Site Visit Checklist
Appendix I - General Procedures for Conducting Offshore Sand Inventory Assessment Studies

This download is provided as a Windows Executable exe file. You can install the training course onto your Windows computer with full access from your Start menu. This training course is self opening so you do not need any additional software to view the contents. This download is compatible with all versions of Windows since Windows XP.

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