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Clinical Chemistry

Training Manual 1 - Clinical Chemistry 1 (205 Pages)

Lesson 1 - Laboratory Safety

Section I. Safety Principles
Safety Program
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Work Area

Section II. Volatile and Hazardous Materials
Volatile Flammables
Hazardous Materials

Lesson 2 - Collection, Preservation and Shipment of Specimens

Section I. Collection and Preservation of Specimens
Collection and Preservation of Blood Specimens
Collection and Preservation of Serum
Collection and Preservation of Cerebrospinal Fluid
Collection and Preservation of Serous Fluid
Collection and Preservation of Synovial Fluid
Collection and Preservation of Amniotic Fluid
Collection of Urine
Preservation of Urine
Collection of Fecal Specimens

Section II. Criteria for Collection and Acceptance of Specimens
Collection Variables
Criteria for an Unacceptable Sample

Section III. Shipment of Specimens
Shipment of Specimens
Chain of Custody

Lesson 3 - Measurement of Weights and Volumes

Section I. Measurement of Weights
Principles of Weighing
Types of Balances
Mechanical Balances
Electronic Balances
Proper Use and Care of the Balance

Section II. Measurement of Volume
Volumetric Glassware
Volumetric Flasks
Manual Pipettes
Automatic and Other Kinds of Pipettes and Dispensers
Factors in the Selection and Use of Pipettes
Cleaning of Glassware

Lesson 4 - Introduction to Quality Control

Section I. Quality Control System
Quality Control System
Common Errors

Section II. Quality Control in Clinical Chemistry
Quality Control in Clinical Chemistry
Mean (Arithmetic) Average
Standard Deviation
Percent Coefficient of Variation
Establishing a Quality Control Program
Constructing and Interpreting a Quality Control Chart (Levey-Jennings)
Westgard Multi-Rule Chart
Quality Control Review

Lesson 5 - Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Section I. Introduction to Basic Concepts
Significance of Organic Chemistry
Carbon and Basic Organic Structures

Section II. Classes of Organic Compounds
Organic Acids
Thiols (Mercaptans)

Training Manual 2 - Clinical Chemistry 2 (97 Pages)

Lesson 1 - Carbohydrates

Section I. Introduction to Carbohydrates
Section II. Glucose Determination
Section III. Hormonal Control of Blood Glucose Levels

Lesson 2 - Lipids

Section I. Lipids
Section II. Fats
Section III. Triglycerides
Section IV. Cholesterol
Section V. Lipoproteins
Section VI. Total Lipids

Lesson 3 - Proteins

Section I. Introduction to Proteins
Section II. Total Protein Determination
Section III. Albumin Determination
Section IV. Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Protein Determination
Section V. Urine Protein
Section VI. Routine Electrophoresis
Section VII. Immunofixation Electrophoresis
Section VIII. Fibrinogen

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