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Management of Patients With Respiratory Dysfunctions

Training Manual - Management of Patients With Respiratory Dysfunctions (81 Pages)

Lesson 1 - The Respiratory System

Components and Subdivisions of the Respiratory System
Supralaryngeal Structures
Infralaryngeal Structures
Breathing and Breathing Mechanisms
Costal (Thoracic) Breathing
Diaphragmatic (Abdominal) Breathing
Nervous Control of Breathing
Movement of Blood
Transportation of Gases

Lesson 2 - Devices Used to Aid Breathing

Nasopharyngeal Airways
Procedure for Inserting the Nasopharyngeal Airway
Oropharyngeal Airways (J-Tubes)
Procedure for Inserting an Oropharyngeal Airway
Combi-Tube Airways
Procedures for Inserting the Combi-Tube Airway
Surgical Airways
Surgical Cricothyrotomy
Bag-Valve-Mask Systems
Procedure for Ventilating the Patient Using a Bag-Valve-Mask

Lesson 3 - Administering Oxygen

Hypoxemia and Oxygen Therapy
Identifying Need for Oxygen Therapy
Delivery Devices
Procedure for Setting Up an Oxygen Tank
Procedure for Setting Up a Wall Oxygen Unit
Procedure for Administering Oxygen Using Nasal Prongs or
Safety Precautions Associated with Oxygen Therapy

Lesson 4 - Oral, Nasopharyngeal and Nastrotracheal Suctioning

Procedures Performed Prior to Suctioning
Suctioning the Patient
Procedures Performed After Suctioning

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