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Sensory System

Training Manual - Sensory System (99 Pages)

Lesson 1 - Anatomy and Physiology of the Sensory System

Section I. General
The Sensory Pathways

Section II. The Special Sense of Vision (Sight)
Anatomy of the Eye
Accessory Structures of the Eye
Physiology of Vision

Section III. The Special Sense of Hearing (Auditory)

Section IV. The Special Sense of Smell (Olfaction)
Anatomy of Olfaction
Physiology of Olfaction

Section V. The Special Sense of Taste (Gustation)
Anatomy of Gustation
Physiology of Gustation

Lesson 2 - Physical Assessment of the Sensory System (HEENT)

Obtain Patient History
Examination of the Face
Eye Assessment Procedures
Examination of Ears
Examination of Nose/Sinuses
Examination of Mouth/Pharynx
Specific Items to Look for in an HEENT Inspection
Medical Terms Related to the Eyes

Lesson 3 - EENT Diseases and Disorders

Section I. Ocular Diseases and Disorders
Exudation (Conjunctival Discharge)
Gonococcal Conjunctivitis
Inclusion Conjunctivitis
Herpes Simplex Keratitis
Corneal Ulcer
Eye Strain
Blepharospasm (Tic)
Hordeolum (Stye)
Eyelid Disorders
Antibacterial Medications for Eye Diseases

Section II. Conditions of the Ear
Disease of the External Ear - External Otitis
Disease of the External Ear - Cerumen Impaction
Disease of the Middle Ear - Auditory Tube Dysfunction
Disease of the Middle Ear - Otitis Media
Condition of the Middle Ear - Tympanic Membrane Perforation
Disease of the Inner Ear - Labyrinthitis
Disease of the Inner Ear - Tinnitus

Section III. Nasal Conditions/Throat Conditions
Septal Deviation
Septal Ulceration/Septal Perforation
Septal Hematoma (Septal Abscess)
Rhinitis Medicamentosa
Nasal Polyps
Peritonsillar Abscess

Lesson 4 - HEENT Trauma

Section I. Head Injuries
Facial Fractures

Section II. Eye Injuries
General Considerations
Nonpenetrating Eye Injuries
Penetrating Eye Injuries
Enucleation/Eyeball Knocked Out of Socket

Section III. Ear Injuries/Disorders
General Considerations
Hematoma of the External Ear
Laceration of the External Ear
Perforation of Tympanic Membrane
Conductive Deafness
Foreign Bodies in the Ear

Section IV. Nose Injuries
Epistaxis (Nose Bleed)
Fracture of the Nose
Foreign Bodies of the Nose

Section V. Throat Injuries
Oropharynx Foreign Bodies
Esophageal Foreign Bodies

This download is provided as a Windows Executable exe file. You can install the training course onto your Windows computer with full access from your Start menu. This training course is self opening so you do not need any additional software to view the contents. This download is compatible with all versions of Windows since Windows XP.

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