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Wound Care

Training Manual - Wound Care (77 Pages)

Lesson 1 - Wound Healing and Wound Care

Wound Terminology
Physiological Responses to Injury
General Wound Care
Specific Wound Care
Steps of Wound Healing

Lesson 2 - Contaminated Wounds

Factors Responsible for Infection
Cardinal Signs and Symptoms of Wound Infection
Gram-Positive Organism
Gram-Negative Infections

Lesson 3 - Burns

Section I. Severity and Causes of Burns
Factors in Severity of Burn Injury
Causes of Burns

Section II. Effects on Tissue, Signs and Symptoms and Treatment
Electrical Burns
Lightning Injuries
Chemical Injuries
Inhalation Injuries
Radiant Burns

Section III. Effects on Tissue, Signs and Symptoms and Treatment
Determining the Depth of Thermal Burn (Degree of Thickness)
Thermal Burns: Critical
Thermal Burns: Moderate
Thermal Burns: Minor
Additional Factors in Thermal Burn Assessment
Burn Depth Estimate
Thermal Burns: The Rule of Nines
Thermal Burns: Management
Specialized Treatment
Additional Concerns

Section IV. Fluid Replacement and Measurement of Urine Output
Replace Fluids
Calculate Fluid Amount
Measure Urine Output

Section V. Topical Antimicrobial Dressings
Silver Sulfadiazine (Silvadener)
Mafenide Acetate (Sulfamylonr)
Silver Nitrate Dressing

This download is provided as a Windows Executable exe file. You can install the training course onto your Windows computer with full access from your Start menu. This training course is self opening so you do not need any additional software to view the contents. This download is compatible with all versions of Windows since Windows XP.

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