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X-Ray Film Processing

Training Manual - X-Ray Film Processing (108 Pages)

Lesson 1 - The Chemistry and Handling of X-Ray Film

Section I. Introduction

Section II. Composition of X-Ray Film
Chemical Components of Film
Production of the Latent Image
Dental X-Ray Film
Photofluorographic Film
Film Characteristics

Section III. Chemistry of Film Processing
Manual Developer Solution
Automatic Developer Solution
Fixer Solution

Section IV. Handling and Storage
Storage Precautions
Safeguards Against Light Fog
Precautions Against Static Discharges
Loading and Unloading the Cardboard Film Holder
Removal of Film from Carton
Loading and Unloading the Cassette
Removing and Loading Dental Film
Loading Processing Hangers with Regular Film
Immersion of Hangers in Solutions

Lesson 2 - The X-Ray Film Processing Room

Section I. Processing Room, Its Facilities and Its Equipment
General Arrangement of the Darkroom
Processing Room Layout
Lightproof Entrances
Electrical Wiring
The Loading Bench
Processing Tanks
Maintenance of Tanks
The Film Dryer

Section II. Processing Accessories
Processing Hangers
The Interval Timer
Miscellaneous Processing Equipment

Lesson 3 - Automatic X-Ray Film Processing

Section I. Automatic Film Processing
Basic Principle
Roller-Transport System
Circulation-Filtration System
Replenishment System
Tempering System
Air-Dryer System
Electrical System
Operation of the Automatic Processor

Section II. Manual Film Processing
Mixing Solutions
Importance of Cleanliness
Water Source and Temperature
Mixing Utensils
Mixing Procedure
Solution Storage
Mixing with Seawater
The Method of Processing
Development Replenisher System
Development Replenisher System Operation
Rinsing Process
Water Rinse Bath
Acid Rinse Bath
Fixing Process
Single-Tank Fixing Solution
Single-Tank Fixer Replenishment
Two-Tank Fixing Solution
Washing Process
Water for Washing
Washing Time
Temperature of Wash Water
Using Seawater for Washing
The Drying Process
Drying Aids
Drying Time
Preparing the Radiograph for Filing

Section III. Factors Affecting Film Processing
Mechanics of Silver Deposition
Standardization of Processing Procedures
Value of Standardized Processing Procedures
Developer Contrast
Time-Temperature Processing
Influence of Development Time
Relation of Time to Activity
Basic Times of Development
Exposure-Contrast Relationship
Influence of Developer Solution Temperature
Time Compensation for Temperature Changes
Low Temperatures
High Temperatures
Factors Influencing Developer Activity
Date of Development
Composition of the Developer
Dilution of Developer
Exhaustion of the Developer
Agitation of the Solution
Solution Level
Secondary Characteristics of Developer Solution
Secondary Characteristics of Fixer Solutions

Lesson 4 - X-Ray Film Processing Under Adverse Field Conditions and Other Special Methods

Section I. X-Ray Film Processing Under Adverse Field Conditions and Other Special Methods
Section II. Special Processing Methods
Section III. Special Processing Methods

This download is provided as a Windows Executable exe file. You can install the training course onto your Windows computer with full access from your Start menu. This training course is self opening so you do not need any additional software to view the contents. This download is compatible with all versions of Windows since Windows XP.

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