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Training Manual - Dairy (119 Pages)

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Dairy Products

Section I. General Introduction
Composition of Milk
Properties of Milk
Diseases Transmitted Through Milk
Control of Milkborne Diseases
Dairy Products

Section II. Fresh Dairy Products
Fresh Dairy Products
Raw Milk Handling and Storage
Delivering Milk to the Plant
Vat or Batch Pasteurizer
High Temperature, Short Time (HTST) Pasteurizer
HHST Pasteurizer
Ultra Pasteurized
Aseptically Processed and Packaged
Cooling and Storage
Testing Milk Products
Standards for Milk and Milk Products
Fresh Cultured Dairy Products
Fresh Concentrated Whole Milk
Filled Milk

Section III. Frozen Desserts
Frozen Desserts
Ice Cream Ingredients and Their Function
Manufacture of Ice Cream
Types of Ice Cream
Styles of Ice Cream

Section IV. Manufactured Dairy Products
Manufactured Dairy Products
Introduction to Butter
Grading of Butter
Introduction to Cheese
Classification of Cheese
Making Cheddar Cheese
Classes of Cheddar Cheese
Styles of Cheddar Cheese
Grading Cheddar Cheese
Evaporated Milk
Dried Milk Products

Lesson 2 - Inspection of Dairy Products

Section I. Inspection Procedures
Terms and Definitions
Inspection Responsibility
Use the Correct Contractual Documents
Inspect the Conveyance or Storage Area, If Necessary
Select the Samples Iaw the Inspection Data Packet
Determine If the Product Is from an Approved Source
Correct Packing, Packaging, Marking and Labeling
Age at Delivery and Remaining Shelf Life
Gross Product Identity
Internal Temperature of the Product
Obvious Condition Defects
Report Inspection Findings

Section II. Specific Examinations Performed
Obtaining Samples from Bulk Milk Dispenser Containers Using Aseptic Techniques
Sensory Evaluation
Abnormalities of Fresh Dairy Products
Abnormalities of Ice Cream
Abnormalities of Manufactured Dairy Products
Testing (Analytical Requirements)
A Keeping Quality Examination (Mosely Testing)

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