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Food Preservation

Training Manual - Food Preservation (101 Pages)

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Microbiology

Section I. Agents Causing Food Spoilage
Early Developments in Microbiology
Classification of Organisms
Size Relationship
Bacteria Morphology and Physiology
Microorganisms Smaller Than Bacteria
Nutrition and Metabolism of Microorganisms

Section II. Microbial Growth
Cell Growth
Growth Curve
Factors Influencing Growth of Microorganism
Oxygen Requirements
Acidity and Alkalinity
Effect of Heat
Effect of Cold
Inhibition or Destruction

Lesson 2 - Food Microbiology

Section I. Microbiology of Dairy Products
Diseases from Milk
Control of Milk-borne Diseases
Nonpathogenic Bacteria
Periodic Tests of Milk

Section II. Microbiology of Meats
Green Ring Discoloration
Ham Souring

Section III. Microbiology of Poultry and Shell Eggs
Microbiology of Poultry
Microbiology of Shell Eggs

Section IV. Microbiology of Waterfoods
Microbiology of Fish
Microbiology of Shellfish and Crustaceans

Section V. Microbiology of Fruits and Vegetables
Introduction to Fruits and Vegetables
Microbiology of Fruits
Microbiology of Vegetables
Microbiology of Canned Fruits and Vegetables

Lesson 3 - Food Preservation

Section I. Introduction to Preservation of Foods
Food Fit for Human Consumption
Food Spoilage - Microbial Action
Food Spoilage - Enzyme Action
Principles of Food Preservation

Section II. Methods of Preservation - Addition of Chemicals
Methods of Preservation
Preservation by Salt
Preservation by Sugar
Preservation by Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrite
Preservation by Spices
Preservation by Vinegar
Preservation by Pickling and Fermentation

Section III. Methods of Preservation - Thermal Methods
Preservation by Smoking
Preservation by Drying
Example of Drying
Dehydrating Foods
Preservation by Chilling
Preservation by Freezing
Preservation by Canning
Freeze Dehydration
Preservation by Radiation

Section IV. Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables
Preservation of Fruits
Preservation of Vegetables
Acceptable Disinfection Procedures for Fruits and Vegetables

Section V. Food Additives
Requirements for Approval
Burden of Proof
Legitimate Uses
Illegal Uses

Section VI. Aseptic Storage System for Canning
Improved Preservation of Acid Fruits and Vegetables
Potential Use by the Canning Industry
Description of Processing and Storage System

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