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Value Pack - Soil Engineering

Bearing Capacity and Settlement Training Course

Training Manual 1 - Bearing Capacity of Soils (138 Pages)
Training Manual 2 - Settlement Analysis (199 Pages)

Soil Engineering Training Course

Training Manual - Soil Engineering (459 Pages)

Soil and Rock Mechanics Training Course

Training Manual 1 - Soil Mechanics (379 Pages)
Training Manual 2 - Checklist and Guidelines for Review of Geotechincal Reports and Preliminary Plans and Specifications (41 Pages)
Training Manual 3 - Critical State Soil Mechanics (227 Pages)
Training Manual 4 - Engineering Use of Geotextiles (57 Pages)
Training Manual 5 - Evaluation of Engineering Parameters (266 Pages)
Training Manual 6 - Introduction to Soil Moduli (10 Pages)
Training Manual 7 - Use of Geogrids in Pavement Construction (31 Pages)

This download is provided as a Windows Executable exe file. You can install the training course onto your Windows computer with full access from your Start menu. This training course is self opening so you do not need any additional software to view the contents. This download is compatible with all versions of Windows since Windows XP.

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